E-Design is a quick and cost-effective service that provides completely bespoke designs that are unique to each client. The whole process will be done through email to make the process as convenient as possible.

How it Works


What you need to provide:


  • Complete the e-design questionnaire

  • Provide measurements of rooms, photos, and budget

  • List items you would like to keep in the room (if any)


What e-design service provides for you:


  • A detailed product board of all the items to go into space. The product board allows you to see how each item will look together in the room. One revision is included to make the design exactly how you want it.  

  • A detailed floor plan with measurements so that you know exactly where to place all the furnishings from the product board.

  • A detailed shopping list tailored to your budget with clickable links so that you can easily find and purchase all items.